Monday, December 22, 2014

Christ is the way!

I'll make it quick..
But it was real nice having her there. I gave her crap for forgetting my birthday. haha They played soccer with us today! Lots of fun! (He's talking about Emily) 

Elder Pratt and I shadowed the Sisters this past week. That was a lot of fun. We basically followed them around and saw how the work was going for them and helped them out. 

It was at the Maxwell apartment. Which was very nice of them, they made us brownies. (Elder Fraley's birthday is today, so I guess yesterday Emily's friends had the missionaries over and they sang to him!)

Works great! (Missionary work is great and progressing. I have to check the email my mom writes to him to figure out what question he is answering most of the time!) Talk to you Thursday at 2 my time. Love you take care! Thanks for the money!

Elder Fraley

Story time: 

Elder Pratt and I were going about sharing those cards and video with everyone, we were contacting a building that we had always wanted to contact and we took a look behind the building to find another door. A women came out claiming that she knew who we were. Her grandfather actually was a member and would always talk about the Book of Mormon and the church. She told us that he had passed away several years ago and she then went on to tell us more about her beliefs. Before we left, we pulled out a Book of Mormon. She immediately started crying. With tears rolling down her face, she told us that, "That Book is making me very emotional. My grandfather used to read that book to me every night before I would go to bed." She cried some more, then gratefully accepted the book. My heart was touched by this experience. This book meant so much to her, enough to bring her to free-flowing tears. I'm grateful for the opportunity I have to share this book with everyone. We're changing lives and touching hearts!

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