Monday, June 23, 2014

A week in Fort-de-France

 My week was a little rough, Elder Russell didn't come in until Saturday so I spent the week with Elder Dayton and Elder Jex in Fort-de-France. It really was not a good week, just disappointing. Because I didn't get to work in my area. Hard times can only mean one thing. The harder and harder it gets, the great and greater the reward will be. Miracles. And what missionary doesn't like miracles? haha

Elder Russell is great! Very energetic! Likes to have fun. He's from Kaysville as well, he knew Elder Dayton before. 

The volcano was pretty cool! Fun hike. I came to the conclusion that I'm definitely getting old. I'm out of shape and my joints were giving me problems during the hike haha. I can't hike like I used to. 

Wow, moving. that's a nice area. Not gonna lie, i'm a bit disappointed. I'm definitely going to miss that ward. I hold a lot of respect for those members and leaders. I owe a great deal to the leaders that I had. But that's exciting news! Congratulations! Just make sure to let me know the address so I can tell the mission office. 

Coming up on a year! Can't believe it. I hope I can go back to French Guiana. 

 I love what I'm doing.

Elder Fraley

The "M" Family

Haha they want to pay for my ticket when we come back. They're also going to let us stay in on of their 4 houses and use their car. I guess you can say they're pretty cool!

Sending Ardèche off :(

The District!
Me and the Jex-ter

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